Our experts will make sure your building has the wireless signal strength you need to run your business.

We’re in-building wireless solution experts.

We know the laws. We know the codes. We know the commercial carriers.  And of course, we know the latest technologies. At USA Groups, we make it easy for building owners to keep tenants – and first responders – connected.

We conduct a comprehensive wireless signal assessment of your building.

Our experts collect radio frequency data to analyze RF signal for Commercial Carriers & Public Safety Radio operators and plot signal strength and key performance indicators on the floor plan at various test points within the building.

We then share our findings in a thorough report. If deficiencies are uncovered, we make recommendations that will improve your building’s signal strength.

With USA-Groups, our services keep you connected.

  • We design a solution that meets the needs of the tenant whether it is commercial carrier, private network, public safety and/or WiFi.
  • We install the solution to exacting standards.
  • We monitor and maintain your signal strength, so you don’t have to.

Learn more about our commitment to Building Owners and Tenants

Connecting what matters when it matters most is what we do best.

Let’s talk about how we can evaluate – and improve – your building’s signal strength.